Relax and Nature

  • Pool

    Bathing in the crystal clear water framed by nature, art and history
    Next to the Papal Villa is the Relais’ swimming pool where originally the estate’s fish pond lay. Clear water with the sun glancing off it, embraced by cypress, wisteria and fragrant linden trees. The water is constantly purified and maintained at a temperature of 26° C from June to September in order to ensure the ultimate in comfort for guests. It is a corner of peace and serenity in which to read a book beside the impressive Renaissance mountain called the “Mascherone” while sipping a fresh fruit drink.
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  • Spa Balneum

    Relaxation and well-being in a discreetly exclusive, timeless setting
    The magical charm of La Suvera’s history is also at work in the wellness area. Its unique,rarified atmosphere has a timeless quality being in the medieval part of the Papal Villa where the hydromassage pool has been placed in the ancient medieval water storage cistern. Enjoy a detox in the Turkish bath, pamper yourself with treatments selected just for you or the exclusive massages with Décleor aromatherapy products. The fragrant essential oils will add a finishing touch to the quality time you dedicate to yourself while sipping an organic...
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  • Gardens

    Age-old trees, enchanted hidden corners, stolen kisses under the hot Tuscan sun.
    Scents, colours and emotions. A masterpiece of architecture and landscaping, balance and symmetry, designed centuries ago but still alive and vibrant as ever. The lush Italian Renaissance gardens at Relais La Suvera will be a delight during your stay there, a unique experience of scents and aromas of the Tuscan earth. Lose yourself among the rows of trees, evergreen hedges, aromatic plants, headily fragrant flowers and the golden colours of the citrus in the Lemon Gardens. All this is in perfect harmony with the enchanting landscape all around...
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