The Family

La Suvera is an integral part of Marquis Ricci’s family.

It had already belonged to the Ricci family almost nine centuries earlier as testified by a property deed drawn up in 1123, now in the archives of the city of Sienna and it returned to the family after the last world war. In the early 70’s the project which conferred its current beauty on La Suvera, Marchese Giuseppe Ricci and his wife Princess Eleonora Massimo breathed new life into their historical estate with passionate dedication and loving care, and we can thank their mission for the integral recovery of each and every part of their stately home, the immense work of collecting and arranging all the objets d’art and mementos belonging to both families, ensuring La Suvera is a home offering superb hospitality with thoroughly unique charm as well as great cultural and historical importance. We also owe it to them if the in 1990 it was turned from private country residence to the extraordinary boutique hotel it is today, a fascinating place where the love for aesthetic beauty, history and culture is reflected in every single detail.

Today the Marquises and their daughter, Elena, and her own family, welcome their guests to this enchanted Renaissance estate which develops around the Papal Villa with its medieval origins and its most exclusive and luxurious suites, each of which is dedicated to a personage linked with the long and fascinating history of the owning families. What were once the Stables and Farmhouse today house rooms and suites made richer by unique pieces from the family collection with lovely views from the terraces and verdant gardens.